Friday 14 November 2014

Quilty Stitches Blocks 1 - 4

I don't know about you, but I always tend to have a hand sewing project on the go for those days when I am confined to the couch.  Lately I started Little Miss Shabby's "Quilty Stitches". Although the official sew-a-long has now ended, the patterns are still available for download via Little Miss Shabby's website (links below).

Little Miss Shabby's "Quilty Stitches"Sampler Along.
This little cross stitch sampler features some popular quilt blocks - with each "block" measuring 1 3/4".  There are a total of 16 blocks.  All of the instructions of what equipment you will need can be found here.  I have decided to make my version in my own unique colour scheme which a friend described as being "wild & whacky, just like you Fiona".

I will endeavour to publish my updates in groups of 4 and will include a link to each block pattern in case you wish to join along with me.

Block 1 - the "Swoon" block

Block 1

Block 2 - the "Odd Fellows Chain" block 

Block 2

Block 3 - the "Rolling Stone" block

Block 3

Block 4 - the "Flying Geese" block

Block 4
As you can see I have decided to do little black and white checker box corner stones between each block.  Sarah Fielke once told me that when you are dealing with a lot of bright colours you need to use black and white neutrals to tone it down and to balance the eye.  I have also used a slightly lighter shade of teal to fill the background of my blocks.
Well I am finding that it is taking me approximately a week of "stitching during evening TV time" to complete 4 blocks - I have already stitched the border grid but you can always add this in at the end.  Would you like to join me?  Please tag me on Instagram @BendigoLioness so that I can see your photos.


  1. I want to join you !!! I'm already thinking if colours and just found you.

    1. Fantastic! Please tag me in your photos I would love to see your work!!


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