Tuesday 25 November 2014

Mini "Norway" for Sharon

What do you give a quilting friend who loves Bonnie & Camille?  A Thimble Blossoms mini quilt made out of Bonnie & Camille fabric of course!  Last week I visitted my dear friend Sharon @lilabellelane and I surprised her with this little mini.
"Norway" mini by Thimble Blossoms made out of "Miss Kate" fabric
"Norway" mini by Thimble Blossoms made out of "Miss Kate" fabric

Whilst at her house I was able to view her Bonnie & Camille fabric collection - apart from all her yardage (not pictured), she has a jelly roll and layer cake in each fabric range.
Bonnie & Camille jelly rolls - she has one of every collection!

Her Bonnie & Camille folded layer cakes - also one of each collection.
I was also fortunate to view her La Passacaglia project in person although this photo just doesn't do it justice.  It has all been hand pieced by her (English Paper Piecing) and is made out of Tula Pink fabrics. 
Still a work in progress, Sharon's "La Passacaglia"

a close up of her double headed Tasmanian squirrels ;)

a close up of her racoons
 If you would like to see more photos of this masterpiece, type #lilabellelanelapassacaglia into your Instagram search.  Her work will just blow you away!


  1. What a thoughtful gift! Those are beautiful projects, your mini quilt and Sharon's!

    1. thank you. You really should check out her work though it is absolutely amazing!!! There is a link to her blog above.


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