Tuesday 30 December 2014

Secret Squirrels on a Mission

Ok, before you start to read this post I really want to get you in the mood.  Please turn your speakers up and enjoy this film clip before reading on:

Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Yes, my squirrels were happily singing this song and dancing as they worked on this project.  Who said that you can't have fun whilst you work?
The recipient had no idea that the squirrels were making this for her, and we all had a little chuckle each time that we saw that she liked one of these photos on Instagram. 
Our friend loves blue.  She deserved some spoiling, and secret squirrel sewing and spoiling is something that my squirrels and I enjoy doing. So do it we will!

Snowy & Woody selecting fabric.

Snowy & Woody show off the first completed quarter.

Snowy & Woody show the completed block.

"Goosed Up" in blue (da ba dee)

Hand quilting the centre.

Hand quilting the geese.

The mini quilt is bound and the label is sewn on, but who is it for?

The squirrels are very proud of their accomplishment but who is it for?

A close up of the finished mini quilt - "Goosed Up" in Blue.
And a few days later as I was stalking this person's Instagram feed I heard a loud squeal of excitement as she opened her mail and discovered this:

Yes Annabel, of course it is for you!  And you know why. :0)

So, are you still singing that song?  I warn you, that song will be in your head all day now! ;)

"Goosed Up" by Jeli Quilts can be purchased from Craftsy. 
Please click on Craftsy logo above to access the pattern.
Easy to piece and no tricky angles, this block would look great in a cushion, quilt or even scaled down to make an intricate pincushion. Pattern includes two sizes of templates to make 12" and 4" finished blocks. Please note that this pattern does NOT include instructions on how to foundation piece. The template has clearly labelled sections and includes a 1/4" seam allowance.


  1. That was fun reading while listening to the song!!

    1. Could you imagine the squirrels singing this as they worked??

  2. I was in my early teens when that song came out. Gosh! I feel old!

  3. Too funny! I loved seeing you and the squirrels working on this piece! So glad she loved it as much as you had hoped! Great job!


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