Thursday 1 January 2015

The perfect gift for an Odd Sock

odd sock - An affectionate term for a person who behaves in a strange and puzzling way.
I wanted to send a thank you gift to a special friend who forever keeps me in stitches.  She always cracks me up with her witty comments and funny photos.   Another friend - Juliet over at The Tartan Kiwi - had recently released a new pattern called "Odd Socks" which I was dying to try out, so the idea was formed, I would make a mini quilt for my friend who is an "odd sock".
Keeping to the mismatched theme, I wanted to make the socks purely out of pieces from my fabric scrap baskets.  I sorted through my scraps looking for coordinating fabrics to use for the heal & toe area and the bodies of the socks.  This is what I came up with:

The background fabrics and sashing also came from pieces from my fabric scrap baskets.  The binding was the only fabric cut from an unused fat quarter. 
Close up of the echo quilting
I echo quilted around the socks using a Perle 8 thread colour coordinated to the colour of each sock.  I then used a cream thread to stitch a fancy design into the sashing.  This was such a fun project to sew.
Yes my friend laughed when she received it - she got the joke :0)
And on the subject of odd socks - here is one of my favourite cartoons:


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