Tuesday 2 December 2014

We have a new family member!

Yesterday we welcomed a new member to our family.  Let me introduce you to "Greeny" the Bilby.
I first saw Greeny's adoption photo on Isabella's Instagram feed and immediately it was love at first sight!  After verifying that I would be a suitable adoptive Mum, Isabella carefully packed Greeny into his shipping container and sent him off to his new forever home.
Yesterday morning I heard a faint knock at my front door and opened it to find Greeny sitting there.   
"Hello.  Is this my new forever home?"
 It had been a long journey for Greeny and just as well that Auntie Isabella had told me what food bilbies eat so I had plenty of chocolate and nutella on hand to feed him.  The bananas hadn't held up too well in the heat so I will make Greeny a special banana cake with them instead.
Greeny was very happy to be offered so much food after his long journey.
Happy with a full belly.

Greeny meets Gemma the cat & gets kisses.

Deep in conversation, Gemma fills Greeny in on the house rules.

Greeny gets to know the lions.

Greeny makes friends with Kenya & Kozi

New friends
Would you like to adopt a bilby as well? 
Please visit:
Isabella Golightly makes the cute bilby toys and donates the profits to the "Save the Bilby" fund.  Isabella's links are below.

Click on the photo to find out what a BILBY is.

Click on the logo to visit the Save The Bilby Fund


  1. Haha! This cracked me up! Headed to the site to see if Greeny has any sisters left! 😂😂😆👍

    1. I know that Isabella has recently produced a new batch of bilbies and she will take orders. If you have a look on her instagram feed you can view them all

  2. Thank you so much for making the Bilbies famous, Fiona! I hope the Save The Bilby Fund is as excited as I was to read this!!


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