Tuesday 30 June 2015

Get Ready To Get Your Hexie On!

Applications for #HexieDownUnder have now closed. Group lists will be going out within the next 24-hours.

Get ready to Get your Hexie On!

Thursday 25 June 2015

Hexie Down Under

Hexies hexies everywhere.  English Paper Piecing (EPP) is very popular at the moment and almost everyone appears to be doing it.  Are you a hexie fan? Would you like to create your own hexie masterpiece but are limited by what's in your fabric stash?  Swapping with other hexie fans is a great way to mix up the fabrics in your hexie collection, so Isabella Golightly and I have decided to set up an affordable swap just within Australia.  One that is EASY to do and INEXPENSIVE to be a part of.
  • Can you accurately thread or glue baste a 1" hexie?  
  • Can you neatly stitch these hexies into a hexie flower?  
  • Do you live in Australia?  

If you answered yes to each of these questions then you are eligible to join #HexieDownUnder  This swap will be for both thread basters and glue basters.  You can specify your preference and depending upon numbers we will attempt to keep these two methods in separate groups.  If you can do & don't mind either method that is even better. 

  • This swap is open to Australians with an Australian postal address only. Sorry, no international members.
  • You MUST have a public Instagram account.
  • Members are required to create and mail at least two (2) hexie flowers to each person on their list before 30 September 2015.  
  • All members should be able to accurately thread or glue baste 1" hexies and to sew them neatly together into a hexie flower.
  • Members are to use a good quality quilting cotton. Please do not use any other type/s of fabrics 
  • All centres should be white (unless requested otherwise) and you are required to write your name, your Instagram account name, and where you are from on the centre hexie with a permanent fabric marker.  
  • Please leave the papers/cardboard in so that the recipient can join them together easily. 
  • Post a photograph of your finished hexie flowers on Instagram tagging the recipient together with the hashtag #HexieDownUnder prior to mailing them off.


Yes you read that correctly, you are not required to send anything other than the two (2) hexie flowers per person to the members on your list.  If you use a C5 sized envelope (162 x 229 mm) it will only cost $1.40 to post within Australia.

Once the sign up data has been collated, you will be emailed a spreadsheet containing the details of the people in your group.  You can work through this list at your own pace and mail them off as you go, however, we do request that you complete your list before 30 September 2015 - that gives you approximately 3-months to complete your list. 

We are aiming for up to 25 members per list to keep the number per group manageable.   If you complete your list early you can request to be added to another group.  Sign ups will remain open until we have reached 100 members. Depending upon popularity, we aim to have round two of #HexieDownUnder commence in October for a December finish.

Please click on the hexie-flower to access the sign up form:

Click here

Please direct any inquiries to Isabella at isabellagolightly@gmail.com

Tuesday 16 June 2015

QCA Bee 5 - My Bee Blocks

Last year (2014) I participated in a Facebook based Quilt Bee run by Quilt Club Australia.  There were 12 members in our group and each month a member took turns to be the Queen Bee.  The Queen Bee would specify which quilt block she would like us to make and each member would then make the designated block in the colour scheme requested by the queen and post it to her.

August was the month of my queenly reign and I chose the Cross Maze Block using Aqua or Teal tone-on-tone prints for the centre crosses; a low volume Black-on-White print for the background; a White-on-Black print for the borders; and a bright pop of colour in the small squares.  I eventually received the last of my bee blocks in January of this year.

This was the test block that I made.
Carlie Lincoln's block
Kendra Watson's block

Melissa Gottliebsen's block

Kathryn Reyne's block

Jenny Doyle's block

Michelle Nicholson's block

Racheal Williams' block
Judy Williams' block
Diane Green's block
Lisa D'Almeida's block
Tracy Dening's block
And here are all the blocks together:
I am yet to sew the blocks together and I am contemplating adding teal or aqua scrappy sashing in between the blocks and using the "Quilt As You Go" method to finish it off.  For now it is filed away neatly in a box waiting for my attention.

What do YOU think?  How do YOU think I should finish it?  I look forward to reading your comments.

Saturday 13 June 2015

QCA Bee 5

During 2014 I participated in a 12-month Quilt Bee hosted by Quilt Club Australia on Facebook.  There were 12-members in our group.  Each member was designated a month which they would be the Queen Bee.  The Queen Bee would stipulate which quilt block she wanted the other members to make for her and the members would make her at least one block in her requested colour scheme and mail it to her.
These are my contributions:

January - Lisa's Stamp Collection Block


February - Jenny's Overlapping Squares Block

March - Melissa's Radiating Sparkler
April - Michelle's Rocky Mountain Puzzle Block
May - Kathryn's Mondrian Block
June - Racheal's Coxeys Camp Block
July - Tracy's Butterfly Block
August - Fiona's Cross Maze Block

September - Carlie's Solid Sampler Block
October - Kendra's Migration Block

November - Diane's "Eye Spy" quilt
As Diane will be trimming the blocks herself, I have only sewn a 2.5" border to a 4.5" centre block of little boy's fabric.

December - Judy's 16" Mondrian Block

I decided not to continue with this Bee this year.

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Criminal Minds Swap

Are you a fan of Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan, Jennifer "JJ" Jareau, David Rossi, Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner, Kate Callahan, Spencer Reid or Emily Prentiss (not pictured)? 
Do you get excited whenever you hear the words "Wheels up in 30"?  Then this is the Craft Swap for YOU!
Registrations open on Wednesday 10 June just after the show airs in Australia (AEST) and I anticipate leaving registrations open until June 24th unless we receive maximum numbers sooner. 
In this swap we will exchange at least two (2) handmade items. At least one of these items must be a major item such as: a mini quilt, bag, satchel, table runner, embroidered artwork, cross stitch, painted artwork, basket, wall hanging.  The other may be a lesser item such as: zippy pouch, needle book, pin cushion, key fob, toy, pillow, clothing accessory, mug rug, placemats, coasters, ornament, bookmark, fridge magnet, notebook cover, hoop art etc.  You will also be required to send your partner at least one (1) naughty treat such as chocolate or candy.
You must have a public Instagram account (NO private accounts) and post a mosaic for this swap (you will have until sign ups close on June 24th to post one (or more)).  Please use the hashtag #CriminalMindsSwap. If you have not created a mosaic by then you will not be eligible for a space. The mosaic may consist of: preferred colour schemes, fabrics, d├ęcor, actor/characters from the show, show quotes, photos of items that you would like to receive, basically ANYTHING that you feel will assist your assigned partner to make you something special and to your tastes.  Please email Fiona (bendigolioness2@gmail.com) if you have any questions regarding the mosaic. 
All participants agree to check in with their designated swap mama at the designated check in times by the due date/s and to post at least three (3) progress photos on Instagram, tagged to the swap's hashtag #CriminalMindsSwap and their designated group's hashtag (to be advised).  These photos can be as detailed or as cryptic as you feel comfortable with.
This swap is based around the main characters of the TV show "Criminal Minds"  - the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit - and is NOT glorifying any criminal acts or violence.  Please do NOT depict any weaponry or acts of violence in your gifts!
The due date for this swap will be NO LATER THAN October 16th 2015.
If you are interested to join us, please click on the FBI badge below to access the registration form:
Click Here
Please note that submitting your application does NOT guarantee you a position in this swap. Spaces that are available are open only to swappers who have a good swap track record (e.g. have not shipped late & have not flaked) and who have a public Instagram account. All applicants will be fully vetted and checked against the Swappers Black List. 

Tuesday 9 June 2015

My Aussie Hoop Swap "Parcel of Awesomeness" Arrived.

On Saturday I posted about the Aussie Hoop Swap and showed you the parcel that I sent to my swap buddy - Kristy Monaghan.  Today it gives me great pleasure to share with you the AMAZING parcel of awesomeness that I received from the super generous Faye Peresipkin @mysewbusylife from New South Wales.
Firstly these are the inspiration mosaics that I posted for this swap:

Dear Partner, if you decide to make something for my kitchen, could you please use red / white / black / grey or orange tones.  I have 1970's orange benches and white cabinets but I have red & white as the main colour scheme.

Of course I had to add some options for my sewing room.  The secret squirrels reside in the sewing room.  The first picture describes my personality to a T - I might now be mostly housebound, but I haven't lost my spirit of adventure & I love old buttons & the movie "Up".
But before I show you what was IN the parcel, these are the teasers that Faye had posted on Instagram:
When the postie delivered the parcel, Gemma the cat decided to join me as I opened everything:
Aren't they beautifully wrapped!   I am just waiting for my Security Inspectpurrrrr to finish her "Cat Scan" before I have purrrmission to open them.
Brown paper packages tied up with string (& a lion sticker), these are a few of my favourite things!
Gemma likes coffee because she knows that when Mummy drinks coffee she gets to sit on Mummy's lap.
Gemma says hello to the Super squirrel hoop whilst I weep tears of joy!
This is the entire parcel of awesomeness that I received from Faye who completely spoilt me rotten!!!!  In addition to not one but TWO awesome hoops, Faye also gave me some quilting pins; Tim Tams; Robert Timms coffee bags; a cute wooden pen (I thought it was a kangaroo but it is actually a squirrel); a kitty notebook; and yes they are sitting on a fat quarter of Cotton & Steel "Tokyo Train Ride". 

A close up of the beautiful hoop which is now proudly hanging in my kitchen. 
I absolutely LOVE THIS!!!!!
Faye told me that this handsome fellow was machine embroidered.  I was totally blown away when I saw it as everything about it is pure perfection!  This is now hanging up in my sewing room where my secret sewing squirrels reside.  And yes I honestly did weep when I saw this!

More photographs from this swap can be viewed on Instagram under the hashtag #AussieHoopSwap