Saturday 6 December 2014

November Bee Blocks

Here are the bee blocks that I have made for November 2014:

Quilt Club Australia - Stars Bee (paper piecing)

This month is my queenly reign. My chosen colours are:
Main Colours: Lime green & Teal/aqua. 
Highlights: orange, yellow, purple, white, hot pink.
Background: plain black. 

So far I have received 6 blocks from the girls so I will post these instead as I am yet to make one for myself.

The three down the left hand side were all made by my dear friend Carlie. 
The top right was made by Ineke. 
The middle right was made by Sue. 
The bottom right was made by Wendy.
There are 6 still pending including my own.
Once I have received all of my bee blocks for this year I will do a separate post and feature them all.

Quilt Club Australia Hive #5

This month is Diane's queenly reign. She has asked us to make her a block for her "Eye Spy Quilt" for her Grandson.  We were asked to sew a 2.5" border around a 4.5" centre block.  Diane will trim the blocks herself, so I have shown a photo of an "Eye Spy Quilt" so that you can understand what the blocks will eventually look like:

The two blocks I made for Diane.  She will trim them herself.

What an "Eye Spy" quilt looks like. 

Quilty Sisters Instabee

This month I made Jo's block which is the Baseball Curves Block.  Jo wanted us to use low volume fabrics for the curves and something bright and happy for the background.  She requested that we do not trim our blocks so that she can adjust them all to fit.

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