Saturday 27 December 2014

Bee Hive Wall Quilt for sweet Carolyn

Bee Hive Wall Quilt. 21"

Earlier this year I was privileged to meet a lovely sister on Instagram via the "Quilty Sisters Instabee".  I recently had some challenges to face and my sweet sister Carolyn had truly been a "loving friend and sister during times of distress" (Proverbs 17:17).  I knew that Carolyn was my bee block recipient for December and I intended to include some extra special loving in her parcel as my way of thanking her for what she has done for me. 
I know that Carolyn loves orange and that she loves bees.  I had slowly been squirrelling away some items for her over the past months, but when I discovered this pattern on Craftsy, I knew that I had to make it for her (pattern link below). 
I headed off to my local quilt store as I remembered seeing some bee related fabric the last time that I was there.  The light brown background fabric & the small hearts is "Secret Garden" by Lynette Anderson Designs (printed by Lecien); and I have used "Bees Pls" by Saffron Craig on the back (purchased from Spotlight).  I believe both are Australian Designers.

Laying out my fabric selections for piecing.

Machine sewing the borders and background pieces.

The flowers, beehive and bees were all hand sewn using needle turn applique.

This quilt just cried out to be hand quilted with Perle 8.

The back of the quilt.

A close up of the hand quilting detail.  I colour echoed a 1/4" outside of the applique.

I hand quilted the borders in orange and yellow 1/4" inside the top and bottom solid triangles.

A close up of the hand quilting detail.  I colour echoed a 1/4" outside of the applique.

The bees' flight path was hand quilted in black perle 8.

Cards by "Willow Fox Design" in Bendigo
It is no longer a secret that I have been making each of my Quilty Sisters a bible cover which I am sending out with their bee blocks. I had a bit of a giggle when I discovered some orange Tula Pink bee fabric amongst my stash and found some bee ribbon to match, therefore Carolyn also ended up with a specially tailor made bible cover.
The bible cover that I made for Carolyn featuring Tula Pink fabric
~ ~ ~
As this bundle of love has now safely arrived with Carolyn in America, I can now share all of these photos with you.
The Quilty Sisters portion of the parcel contained: Carolyn's Quilty Sisters Bee Bock, a Bendigo magnet, some Australian Tea tea bags, ANZAC biscuits, a Caramello Koala, my signature block & her bible cover.
Oh yes I can assure you the bible covers fit - I personally test each one before I send them off!
Some extra loving for this special sweetheart!

~ ~ ~

Bee Hive Wall Quilt Pattern by The Patchsmith
Please click on the Craftsy logo above to access the pattern.


  1. Fabulous Fiona! Love the way you have hand quilted this, just gorgeous and I am sure your partners really enjoyed having you in their group

  2. Wow ... just stunning, you are so thoughtful Fiona!

    1. Thank you Alison. Carolyn is the thoughtful one, it was such a pleasure to make this for her.

  3. You did such a great job on this labor of love! Great that the bible cover matched. Your handwork is beautiful.

    1. Thank you sweetie. I really did laugh when I found that orange Tula fabric and then the ribbon. It was meant to bee (buzz buzz)


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