Friday 30 January 2015

They call me Bruce!

Meet Bruce...

No, not THAT Bruce, THIS Bruce,
Bruce is a funky little crafty carrier designed by the super dooper talented Australian designer - Jodie Carleton of Ric Rac.  Bruce has pockets back and front and enough room for a project or two.  He carries everything and you will never hear a word of complaint.  Every girl needs a Bruce in their lives! 

This is my personal Bruce.  He sits next to my chair and looks after my hand sewing equipment.

Here are some Tula Pink Bruces that I made for Ashleigh & Julie.

Bruce comes in many colours.  The pink Bruce was part of the prize for my "1000 Followers" giveaway & the orange Bruce was for Cassie.
This is the Bruce that I made for my Schnitzel & Boo swap partner.
Greenie the Bilby likes Bruce's buttons and often "minds" them for me whilst a Bruce is in construction.  He is especially fond of the green ones as they remind him of his Aunty Alison.

A ladder of Bruces!
Carol's Bruce

Go on, you know you want to make one too.  Bruce is an easy pattern to make.  He only uses 2 fat quarters, some interfacing, 55" of binding and a self covered button.  Just watch that Greenie the Bilby doesn't run off with the button, he's lightning fast!!
Click on the logo above to purchase the Bruce pattern


  1. Wow, you have been busy with "Bruces" they look cute and chunky. There's a phrase here in the UK "Brucie Bonus" from a quiz show ... it's nice to see you sending out theses as bonuses in your swap packages!

  2. I think you have officially passed me in the bruce making department. love your own personal one especially!


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