Thursday 15 January 2015

Movement in Squares

Sometimes you see a pattern and immediately you know you NEED TO make it.  That's what I was like when I first saw this pattern - "Movement in Squares" by Wendy Sheppard.  I knew that I HAD to make it!
I purchased some gorgeous green & brown prints back in January during the first "Great Aussie Destash" on Instagram (#GreatAussieDestash) and they cried out to be used for this pattern.  I don't have all the selvages, but the ones I found were; "Groove" by Caleb Gray Studio by Robert Kaufman, and "Santorini" by Lila Tueller for Moda.   It wasn't a difficult quilt to make, I just needed to make sure that I sewed straight lines and an accurate 1/4" seam - sometimes easier said than done - but the quilt top was put together in no time.

My completed top - June 2014

That was back in June.  Then it sat. And sat. And sat.  Until October came around and I suddenly got the guilts and decided that I wanted to get this quilt finished before the end of 2014. 
I'm not keen on plain quilt backs (unless they are hanging on a wall and you can't see them), so I dug out my left over fabrics and tried to get inspired.  Thankfully a friend was destashing some fabric so I purchased two pieces of extra fabric which coordinated perfectly with my scraps.  When combined they were large enough to create a scrappy back.  With fabric in hand and renewed motivation, a scrappy back was whipped together in no time.
The scrappy back
Then came the mammoth hand quilting session - the clock was ticking down to the new year, it was WAY TOO HOT to be quilting (summer in Oz), but I was determined to get this baby finished before midnight on the 31st of December 2014.

By the time that I was binding the quilt, I was so delusional from lack of sleep that I imagined jelly dinosaurs attacking my Wonder Clips... but I slogged on...

Welcome to Jurassic Park!
I would've made it, but I had pulled so many all nighters that I actually fell asleep late in the afternoon on the 31st and woke up after 7pm.  YIKES!  I soon realised that I wasn't going to make  my self imposed deadline so I gave myself permission to switch over to Perth time (they are currently 3-hours behind the East Coast so I could make up my lost 3 hours); and I managed to finish the hand quilting at 11.10pm Perth time (2:10am local time) with 50 minutes to go. YAY!  Thanks Perth! ;0)
Ok well in fairness I am going to call this my "First Finish".  So far I have only just done basic quilting on this.  I do have intentions to add more detailed stitching into the negative spaces but have not yet worked out what I want to do.  Plus it is way too hot.  It's our summer.  Our temperatures are in the high 30's - mid 40's Celcius (that's averaging over 100 Fahrenheit for you crazy Americans).  But I'm happy with what I've done, for now.
The Front
The Back
Movement in Squares FREE pattern by Wendy Sheppard. 
Please click on image to download the Free PDF pattern.

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