Thursday 29 October 2015

Craft It Forward

Late last year I read a blog post by my friend Nessa at Nessa's Place who was participating in a sewing themed Pay It Forward idea.  As I was one of the first three to leave a qualifying comment on her blog post, I would receive a handmade gift in the post from her over the next twelve months.

I have to admit, when the parcel arrived back in May, I instantly went into panic mode when I saw the words "Craft it Forward Swap" fearing that I had stuffed up and forgotten to send off a swap parcel. Then I read it properly and started to breath again as I remembered about the Craft it Forward post I had seen ages ago on her blog and I realised what it was.  DUH!!!

The items I received from Nessa
Nessa had made a pincushion with hanging pockets and a loop to hold onto a bucket for collecting threads and trimmings.  The pin cushion is weighted down with rice and has a felt strip down the middle for sewing needles. It is attached to a hanging pocket that can sit next to your sewing machine or on your armchair.  There is a loop to attach the threads bucket, but if you aren't using it then the loop tucks in to one of the pockets.  

Also included with the main gift was some Scottish Tablet (Nessa lives in Scotland) and some rich treacle toffees.  She also generously included some Liberty of London fabric scraps.

A close up of the pin cushion & scrap bucket
I cannot thank Nessa enough!  I absolutely love it!! I use it all the time and it sits comfortably on the edge of my sofa or "soffice" as I like to call it.

I absolutely LOVE my gift. It sits next to my chair and already has a lot of scraps in the bin (I must remember to empty it). It really is fabulous & the colours are just perfect for my lounge & sewing room. I cannot thank you enough! I'm yet to post my Craft it forward on my blog but it will be coming!!!

If you would like to participate in Craft-It-Forward, you need to have your own blog and be one of the first three people to comment on this blog post.  You will need to be sure that I have your email address, so that I can contact you for your postal address and to ask you your favourite colours.  Then I will send you a handmade gift at some time before 31 May 2016!  (I am putting my deadline down for May as I did actually receive this from Nessa in May this year which makes it within 12-months of receiving my item).  This is open worldwide. When you receive your gift you need to be prepared to host your own Craft-It-Forward on your blog, and then send out a homemade gifts to three different people within 12 months of receiving your item.

I am looking forward to getting to know three of you better,  and to work out a perfect little crafty gift for you!


  1. Wish I had a blog as I would love to receive one of your world renowned super fantastic packages .... Whoever wins you are in for a treat!! @ruthc2607

  2. Fiona I am in 😄 I would love to be part of craft it forward. @anneboundy on IG

    1. Hi Anne, what is your blog address please?

    2. I found it

  3. I just saw this post and as I read and scrolled down I thought no way I'll be too late..... Yay I would love to pay along....

    1. Woohoo!! Congratulations Filomena, you are my first verified winner!! I look forward to planning a special crafty something for you!!


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