Tuesday 6 October 2015

Millefiori Photo Shoot in Maldon

On the 10th of September I drove down to the historic old town of Maldon with my friend Jenny to visit the local patchwork shop.  I had recently finished hand quilting my Millefiori Mystery Quilt and as it was freshly washed and pressed, I decided to take it along with us for some photos.

Outside the patchwork shop - it was too difficult taking photos in the main street.
Outside the patchwork shop - it was too difficult taking photos in the main street.
So we enjoyed lunch at Cafe Maldon and decided on another tactic
Devonshire Tea for two at Cafe Maldon
As we walked back to the car down a little lane way, I saw this rustic corrugated iron fence...

Maldon Band Rotunda
Maldon Band Rotunda

The following photos were taken at the historical Victorian Goldfields Railway at Maldon:



As we left Maldon and drove back to Bendigo, I spotted this quaint old truck at a property called "Gumtree Hollow". I slammed on the breaks and we jumped out to take some more photos:

Me at Gumtree Hollow

Quilt details: 
Millefiori Mystery Quilt.  Pattern & fabric range by Sarah Fielke.  The pattern was released as a block of the week exclusive to Spotlight stores Australia.  I made the top late last year. The back of the quilt has been made using a Drunkards Path template with left over Millefiori fabric.  I made the back earlier this year and hand quilted it with Perle 8 thread during winter 2015.


  1. Love it! So glad you turned to big stitch quilting for it and I loved your journey for the photos. I too have just realised an old railway station to take my quilts to for posing photos, keep a lookout! 😊💖

    1. Thanks so much Wendy. Being a Sarah Fielke design & fabric range I *HAD* to hand quilt this one! ;)


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