Sunday 5 October 2014

Spotlight Quilting Expo 2014

"Spotlight’s Quilting Expo is this Saturday the 4th of October 2014 from 11am – 3pm. Don’t miss out on FREE demonstrations, VIP exclusive discounts, new quilting fabrics and the chance to win a sewing machine, conditions apply! Ask your store for more information."
On Saturday 4 October 2014 I went along to the Spotlight Quilting Expo at my local store in Bendigo.  To celebrate, Spotlight was offering 30% off all fabric (excluding pre cuts & clearance items), exclusive VIP discounts, 25% off wadding, free demos and launching some new quilting ranges in store. 
Anyone who spent $25 or more on quilting fabric on the day would receive a copy of "Project Patchwork 3" for free. 
They were also encouraging people to bring along their quilts to be displayed.  One lucky person (per store) who submitted a quilt would win an Elna "Elina 21" Sewing Machine (worth $199).  All eligible quilts had to be made of 100% Spotlight fabrics
The local store manager had asked me on Wednesday to make something for the expo.  None of my quilts are exclusively made of Spotlight fabrics as I tend to mix & match & purchase fabric from many suppliers.  The only full size quilt that I had made exclusively with Spotlight fabrics ("Autumn Hearts") was now living with my BFF Miriam down in Melbourne.  I did have a mini quilt which was 97.9% Spotlight fabrics (the backing & a small slither on the front was not Spotlight fabric) so I brought it along to be displayed although it wasn't eligible to be entered into the competition.  I did however quickly whip up another mini for the day - "Elephantasy - the elephant of stolen dreams".

Millie is holding up my "Elephantasy - the elephant of stolen dreams" mini quilt.

My "Butterfly Fantasy" quilt

Millie is demonstrating how to make a patchwork cushion using the new Star Wars fabric.  She had already made one with Hello Kitty fabric.

Millie's daughter learns how to sew with Hello Kitty flannelette.

One of the special guests from "Strath Quilters" demonstrates hand piecing.

The ladies from "Strath Quilters".

Demonstration on how to make a small sewing caddy by "Strath Quilters".

Shirley is making some quilt blocks.

The lovely Shirley.

One of the quilts on display.

More quilts on display hanging above the fabric.

More quilts on display - I'm rather fond of those two on the left ;)

Hard to see the detail in this quilt but it is camels walking along the beach at sunset - it reminded me of Cable Beach in Broome.  Not sure who made it.

A beautiful Bargello quilt on display.  This one is mounted on canvas & is not quilted.

Some more quilts on display.

More quilts on display.

The winner of the Elina Sewing machine was a lady named Rosemary who had entered a large appliqued Christmas quilt.

The winning quilt - I didn't get a very good view of it.

The winning quilt - Christmas theme with lots of applique.
I felt rude that I didn't take a better photo but as one of Jehovah's Witnesses I do not celebrate Christmas. I respect the amount of hard work that went into making this quilt though and despite the subject of the quilt, I felt that Rosemary clearly deserved the win.  As I hadn't really looked at the Christmas entries, I thought that the bright Bargello might have won as it was truly stunning!

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  1. Looks like a fun day out! I didn't even think to head in to see the expo at our local Spotlight - bit of an oversight. Oh well, next year! :)


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