Thursday 16 October 2014

Now I'm Dancing & Singing In The Rain

Some days you find yourself wandering aimlessly in the rain slowly getting wet. Then suddenly and unexpectedly someone reaches out and hands you an umbrella.
That single act of kindness can take you from feeling cold, wet and alone to wanting to happily dance  & sing in the rain and to jump & splash about in all the puddles.

Recently someone handed me an umbrella. 
From time to time we may need to be reminded to look beyond the gloomy smog that envelops & chokes us, and to know that our light shines brighter than we realise.  
Sometimes a virtual stranger can be more observant than those who claim to know us best. 
Are you dancing and singing in the rain?

*ooops - this was programmed to be published earlier in the week & it didn't post.  Sorry guys.

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