Monday 13 October 2014

October Bee Blocks

Here are the three bee blocks that I have made for October 2014:

Quilt Club Australia - Stars Bee (paper piecing)

This month is Tina's queenly reign. Her chosen colours are aqua & red on a solid white background.  I chose to make the California Star for her:

California Star

Quilt Club Australia Hive #5

This month is Kendra's queenly reign. She has asked us to make her a 16" Migration Block

Background Colour: solid white
Geese Colours: pink, orange, red & yellow

Migration Block


Quilty Sisters Instabee

This month I am making Jade's block which is the Triple Star Block using Kona white, Kona black & Kona coral. We had a choice of solid colour (I chose Coral) and we could present our block in a choice of two versions. I ended up making both options for her:
Triple Star Block

Triple Star Block


  1. I'm loving all of these. The triple star in solids has so much impact - it's perfect. Loving seeing these come together. Great work!


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