Saturday 13 June 2015

QCA Bee 5

During 2014 I participated in a 12-month Quilt Bee hosted by Quilt Club Australia on Facebook.  There were 12-members in our group.  Each member was designated a month which they would be the Queen Bee.  The Queen Bee would stipulate which quilt block she wanted the other members to make for her and the members would make her at least one block in her requested colour scheme and mail it to her.
These are my contributions:

January - Lisa's Stamp Collection Block


February - Jenny's Overlapping Squares Block

March - Melissa's Radiating Sparkler
April - Michelle's Rocky Mountain Puzzle Block
May - Kathryn's Mondrian Block
June - Racheal's Coxeys Camp Block
July - Tracy's Butterfly Block
August - Fiona's Cross Maze Block

September - Carlie's Solid Sampler Block
October - Kendra's Migration Block

November - Diane's "Eye Spy" quilt
As Diane will be trimming the blocks herself, I have only sewn a 2.5" border to a 4.5" centre block of little boy's fabric.

December - Judy's 16" Mondrian Block

I decided not to continue with this Bee this year.


  1. They look quite diverse and interesting!

    I was in a bee this past year too, based in a Facebook group. I was so diligent at getting my blocks done each month but didn't realise that wasn't the norm until it became my Queen Bee month. Only got 6 within the month and ended up waiting an extra 3 months for the rest to be made and sent.

    I expected it to be like it said on the tin, but it wasn't. Oh well. Still, got to make some blocks in colours and patterns I wouldn't have thought of, so it's still creative fun!

    1. Yep. My month was August & by the end of the year I still hadn't received all of my blocks. The admin finally made them for me in February just so that they could start this year's round. I won't go into the other reasons I pulled out this year. On the positive, it was great experience and helped me refine my own sewing skills and make blocks I otherwise would not have attempted. I'm in 2 other bees and they are run much better and are a joy to be in.


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