Thursday 4 June 2015

Aussie Swag Bag Swap

Back in February there was a large quilting convention in America called "Quiltcon".  Surprise Surprise I didn't get to go, and nor did a whole lot of other Aussies.  Whilst we all got to gaze longingly at the mass of photos posted on Instagram, my good mate Janine @janithon decided to do something about it.  
Often when you go to a convention you receive a goodie bag or a show bag full of "stuff", so Janine decided to organise a goodie bag swap between us Aussies, and in true Aussie style, she called ours a Swag Bag Swap.
Swag Bag - A goodie bag that contains various useless yet irreplaceable items packed into a dufflebag, usually given at parties or by sponsors.
42 of us put our hands up and said "we want stuff!" so Janine assigned us all secret partners.  We were asked to confine our purchases to a retail value of AUD15-20 and we were asked to fill up our swag with "stuff" for our partner.  This was a NO SEWING SWAP!  We were not to make anything.  We could send sewing notions, fat quarters/charms/mini charms, pretty much anything quilting related.  We were asked to ship our swags by the 2nd of March.
This is what I sent to my partner:
I bought a red swag bag for my partner - Michelle

And I bought her lots of "stuff".  Michelle enjoys embroidery as well as quilting, so I included some DMC threads, a seam ripper, ribbon, buttons, pens, washi tape, and lots of fabric - some were fat quarters and some were useful sized scraps.


Michelle received her Swag Bag of "stuff".

And this is what I received from Kylie @alittlereddress
Beautifully wrapped!!

With a GORGEOUS gift card!

and lots of AMAZING "stuff"!!!  Lindt chocolate, lip balm, travel scissors, ribbon, a sharpie, a seam ripper, a mini charm pack, some Bonnie & Camille scraps, some Woodland Critters fat quarters and some Kaffe Fassett!!!!!

Other photos from this swap can be viewed on Instagram under the hashtags #AussieSwagBagSwap and #NotGoingToQuiltcon

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