Thursday 4 December 2014

Quilty Stitches blocks 13 - 16

It gives me great pleasure to show you my final four blocks of "Quilty Stitches" by Little Miss Shabby.  Have you been sewing along with me?  You can click on the links below to access the instructions for each block from her website.

Block 13 - the "Friendship Star" block

Block 14 - the "Pinwheel Star" block

Block 15 - the "Spool" block

Block 16 - the "Good Cheer" block

And this is how mine currently looks:

But I think that like any quilt, it needed some binding; so I added a black and white border to it which I think makes it pop:

I have seen a number of versions of finished projects.  Some have turned their Quilty Stitches into cushions, framed them, or mounted them on canvas.  Little Miss Shabby chose to mount hers on canvas and has provided instructions on how to do so here.  To see other's versions on Instagram, type #quiltystitches into your Instagram search.

I am yet to go shopping for a frame or a canvas...

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