Sunday 10 May 2015

Strathdale Quilters "Parade of Quilts"

I think most of you know that I was without a computer for the past month+ as my laptop unceremoniously died after installing a Windows Update.  Well the fabby guys at the computer tech store have fixed it and thankfully resurrected all of my files.  Now the fun job of trying to catch up...
On Monday 6 April 2015, Mum & I went to the Strathdale Quilters "Parade of Quilts" quilt expo at St Andrew's Hall in Bendigo. The entrance fee was only $5 per person and it was money well spent.
Here are some photos of some of my favourites:

"Whirling Twirling" by June Danger.  June did this quilt in a class at Honeysuckle and the tutor was Margaret McDonald.  Machine pieced & machine quilted by June.
"Hooley Dooley Village Patch" by Jenny Simpson.  Jenny saw the quilt at an exhibition in Melbourne and was impressed and decided to do her version of it.  It took many years to complete.  From the book of patterns by Suzanne Gray.  Hand appliqued and machine pieced.  Machine quilted by Jenny.

"Memories of Mother and Daughter" by Kerrie Anderson.  A patient from Castlemaine gave Kerrie a box of fabric with two blocks completed which she started with her daughter prior to her daughter dying.  Kerrie added two extra fabrics to border and circles.  Hand machine pieced by Kerrie.  Machine quilted by Alison Bacon of Canterbury Quilts.

"Life is Beautiful" by Barb Krause.  Block of the month seen in a magazine.  Pattern by Hugs'n'Kisses.  Hand embroidered, machine pieced, machine quilted by Barb.
Close up of "Life is Beautiful" by Barb Krause.

Close up of "Life is Beautiful" by Barb Krause.

"Australian Wildflowers" by Phyllis Mills.  Phyllis saw this quilt in a magazine and fell in love with it.  A Jenny Rofe design.  Hand appliqued, machine pieced and machine quilted by Phyllis.

"Celtic Garden" by Alice Proudfoot.  This was Alice's latest challenge.  Designed by Dianne Johnston who gave her the pattern.  Hand stitched applique and machine pieced.  Quilted by MA Lewis - Long Arm Machine Quilting.

Close up of "Celtic Garden" by Alice Proudfoot

"Wind in the Whiskas" by Bev Coates.  Design and colour were the inspiration for this quilt by McKenna Ryan when Bev saw it at a trade show and she knew it was a quilt that she wanted to make.  Raw edged machine applique and machine pieced.  Custom quilted by Geoff Coates - Mulberry Lane.
"Botswana Safari" by Carol Carmody.  Carol made this quilt after a camping trip through Botswana in 2013 where she had the most amazing animal encounters.  The names on the quilt are those of the national parks she camped in.  Machine pieced, machine embroidered - designs by Petro.  Custom quilted by Wilma Ladiges of Deep Creek Quilting.

Close up of "Botswana Safari" by Carol Carmody

Close up of "Botswana Safari" by Carol Carmody

Close up of "Botswana Safari" by Carol Carmody
"Firebirds" by Barbara Dellar.  Centre design by Jane Spolar, Sauk Rapids, MN, USA.  Quilt layout inspired by magazine photo.  Barbara loves applique and worked the centre while on a cruise from Canada to Sydney.  Needleturn applique, machine pieced.  Hand quilted by Barbara.
"Licorice Allsorts" by Frances McCulloch.  Based on Suzanne Lyle's pattern, "Memories of Japan".  Frances made this for her daughter's friend, Kate, who chose her own material and colour scheme.  Machine pieced.  Machine quilted by Lee Conforti.

"Simple Things" by Barbara Gross.  This quilt is adapted from a Leanne's House design.  When Barbara saw this design she loved the combination of embroidery, applique and piecing.  She enjoyed making it and it now hangs on the wall in the guest bedroom.  Hand embroidered, hand appliqued, machine pieced.  Hand quilted by Barbara.
Close up of "Simple Things" by Barbara Gross.
"Birds on a Wire" by Dianne Brown.  Dianne really loves Wendy Williams' work.  She loves working with material and felt and hand sewing.  Machine and hand pieced.  Machine quilted by Stacey Rodgers.

Believe it or not this is just a small selection of the many many wonderful quilts that were part of the exhibition. 

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  1. That was a great snapshot tour Fiona! The cottage one must have been so intricate! A lot of clever artists in your area!

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