Saturday 30 May 2015

My Downton Swap "Parcel of Awesomeness" arrived.

On Thursday I posted about the Downton Swap and showed you the parcel of goodies that I sent to my swap buddy - Alison White.  Today it gives me great pleasure sharing with you the amazing parcel of awesomeness that I recently received from Samantha Dorn @aqua_paisley from South Australia. 
Firstly these are the inspiration mosaics & the information that I supplied for my swap partner to work with:

My favourite UPSTAIRS character was Lady Sybil.  I loved her natural beauty, sweet nature and her rebelliousness.  She saw the beauty in everything and was not up herself.  She also had great taste in men!!  I cried bucket loads when her character was killed off.

Oh we all like to dress up and enjoy high tea.  Years ago when I was travelling in the UK I enjoyed a schmancy high tea at "One Devonshire Gardens" in Glasgow and have also enjoyed high tea at a number of safari lodges throughout Africa & at hotels throughout Asia (I used to travel extensively for work).  I am not a tea drinker, I prefer coffee, but I do enjoy peppermint tea at night.  With regards to cakes & biscuits I have to stick with gluten free.

My favourite DOWNSTAIRS characters are Daisy & Mrs Patmore.  I love watching their kitchen antics and learning about how things were made back in those days.  Yes I do love to cook.  My own kitchen is red & white with 1970's era orange laminate bench tops. My goal this year is to schmancy it up a bit by adding some quilty goodness so your mug rug will probably end up being hung up on the kitchen wall or in my sewing room (depending on what colours you choose to use).

Before I show you what was IN the parcel, these are the teasers that Samantha had posted on Instagram.  Although I saw some of these photos under the #DowntonSwap feed, I honestly had no idea that any of this was headed my way!


And this is what the postie delivered:

a great big box of awesome!

My Downton Swap goodies

My Downton Swap goodies

The Mug Rug features the Union Jack & a heart

The back of the Mug Rug

This Pincushion caddy is designed to sit over the edge of a lounge chair and it has several pockets which can hold sewing notions or the TV remote control.

a Lady Mary card

Tea Bag caddy

Tea Bag caddy opened

Tea Bag caddy with three tea bag sachets

"Petal & Plume" fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics


Such a beautifully bright parcel of awesomeness! 

Thank you so much Samantha.
Other photographs of this swap can be viewed on Instagram by typing in the hashtag #DowntonSwap



  1. You really scored a fantastic parcel there Fiona!

    1. Thanks Nessa, this has been one of my favourite swaps to participate in so far this year!


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