QCA Stars Bee 2014

These are my contributions to Quilt Club Australia's paper piecing stars quilting bee.  All designs are based on Carol Doak's book "50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars".  This was a 10-month quilting bee (from March to December 2014). 
December 2014
Ohio for Alissa in lime green & grey on a white background.

November 2014
is next...
This is my queenly rule.  My colour specifications are:
Background: plain black. 
Main feature colours: lime green and aqua/teal. 
Highlights: orange, yellow, purple, white, hot pink. Prefer if you could use solids, batiks or tone on tones for the coloured areas if possible (ie no patterned/print fabric.)

I haven't had the time to make myself a test block yet, however, I will post photos of the blocks that I receive once they all arrive.

October 2014
California for Tina in aqua, red & white.
September 2014
Wisconsin for Sue in lime green, grey & white.
August 2014
Pennsylvania for Kate in purples 
July 2014
South Carolina for Kristen in various flavours of chocolate/caramel/toffee/nougat 
June 2014
Arkansas for Kelly in bright scrappy 
May 2014
Oklahoma for Wendy in lime green & hot pink 
April 2014
Montana & Delaware for Carlie in grey, lemon & yellow 

March 2014
Colorado for Ineke in bright rainbow


  1. Hi I'm a very new quilter (about 30 years I did some patchwork, quilting & candlewicking - only just started again). I think the 2015 Bee could be a fun way to get into the swing of it again. How would it work? BTW - I'm in Canberra ACT

    1. Hi Katherine, We have not got enough members for the stars bee however there may be a vacant position in one of the other Quilt Club Australia bees. Most start up in January. If you join the "Quilt Club Australia" group on Facebook and post the question to the group someone should be able to advise you what is available. ps I have updated my advert on top of this page, I had completely forgotten about it thank you

    2. NOW got not not got - typo - aghhhh shoot me (sorry)


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