Thursday 4 August 2016

The Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt Sew Along - April

At the beginning of April the announcement was made that there would now only be one block released per week.  I think too many people were struggling to keep up with the sew along.  My feelings about this are mixed.  A large part of me is relieved as I was struggling to stay up to date sewing all of my blocks, let alone blogging about my progress.  However, the realisation that it was now going to take more than the initial 12-month investment to complete this quilt frustrates me.  I have already cut back on some of my commitments to try to keep up to date with this sew along and the thought of adding another 3-6 months to this project makes it feel like a never ending task - at this point in time anyway. Just my initial thoughts; who knows, it might actually be a good thing.  

Here are my Farmer's Wife blocks for April 2016:

05 April - Block 32 - Fanny
12 April - Block 97 - Tracy
19 April - Block 72 - Mrs. Smith
25 April - Block 44 - Iris

So far I have made 53 blocks and I still have 46 blocks to go.  The big decision ahead of me is: do I continue to sew these blocks as they are announced each week with the official sew along or should I forge ahead and work at my own pace?

I have now used up most of my fat quarter bundle of solids that I was using for the shades of teal.  I am also starting to think about what colour sashing I will use for this quilt - I feel that a solid white would look too stark, and a solid black would look too heavy.  My current thoughts are to use one of the paler shades of teal - such as the lighter shade shown above in block 97.  Meanwhile I have added to my black and white prints as I slowly use up my smaller scraps and I have also purchased some yardage of the darker teal shades.

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