Saturday 2 January 2016

Looking Back At 2015 - My Year In Photos

Every day I like to add a photo to my daily calendar using the iPhone app "Photo 365" - here is a recap of my year in photos.  I have notated some of the highlights below:

I was interviewed in the January edition of "Make Modern Magazine" in an article about quilters with chronic health conditions; Lori Holt's "Cute Cups" quilt; "Movement in Squares" quilt; Schnitzel & Boo mini quilt swap; Rainbow mini quilt swap; Downton Swap; Bruce; key fobs; catching up with Julie; starting my Cotton & Steel "Come Together" quilt.
Downton Swap; I received my Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap parcel; parcel from Darla; mini I made for my Mum; Downton Swap; working on a gift for Alison at Cotton Factory; "Double Goosed" quilt; Aussie Hoop Swap; Hazel Hedgehog quilt along; I received my Whimsical Woodlands Mug Rug Swap parcel; squirrel hoop gift from Cassie; "Come Together" Cotton & Steel quilt; pattern tested "Big Cat" pattern for Juliet at Tartan Kiwi; I received my Downton Swap parcel; bee block received; Kitten Mini Quilt Swap; Downton Swap parcel sent; secret squirrel sewing; Hoop that I made for Darla; Madge the Janome; Sarah Fielke's "Cuttings" quilt; catching up with Lisa at Cotton Factory in Ballarat; bee block.

Bee blocks; pattern testing the big Lion for Juliet at Tartan Kiwi; Kitten mini quilt swap; Sarah Fielke's "Garden Paths" quilt; IG Mini Oz swap; "Mrs Beasley's Sampler" Quilt; lots of secret squirrel sewing; Lisa came to stay; meeting Jen Kingwell in Ballarat; Ballarat after party at Cotton Factory; starting my "Circle Game" quilt; Kel came to stay; pattern testing the Geo Bunny for Kristy at Quiet Play; I received my Kitten Mini Quilt Swap parcel.

I received my Aussie Hoop swap parcel; Memorial with Warragul Congregation; visiting Julie and Ashleigh in Drouin; I met a dinosaur; Aussie Tula Pink swap; I received my Rainbow mini quilt swap parcel; I also received my IG Mini Oz swap parcel;more bee blocks; cushion for Michele Wyers; meeting Michele Wyers in Berwick; my new quilt frame; I finally got my laptop back from the repair shop after it died; beautiful mini quilt of Gemma received from Lynda; IG Pin Cushion Swap; Giraffe softie for the Animal in You swap.

Mum & her BFF Maria; more bee blocks; Cotton & Steel mini quilt swap; "Paint Tubes" quilt for Sharon; I started to make Emma Jansen's "Daisy Quilt"; I received my Aussie Tula Pink swap parcel; more bee blocks; "Drunkard's path" quilt backing for my "Millefiori Mystery Quilt"; lighthouse mini received from Brenda; I received my IG Pin Cushion swap parcel; pattern testing the "Can Can Dancers" for Juliet at the Tartan Kiwi which became my Paris Swap; the Animal in You swap; I won a prize!; Cadbury introduced us to Vegemite chocolate.

Cotton & Steel mini quilt swap extra; bee blocks; completed the top for my "Daisy Quilt"; giraffe purse for the Animal in You swap; lots of Lori Holt "Farm Girl Vintage" blocks for the Selfish Swap; more bee blocks; the start of Hexie Down Under;Craft Alive Bendigo; more hexies.

Bee blocks; Gemma passed away on the 6th of July so there was not much crafting after that as I was mourning, but I did receive a lot of gifts from friends & I made a lot of hexies & then worked on some embroidery projects; Kaffe Mini Quilt Swap; worked on some embroidery for the Tea Time Swap.

Pattern testing the Zebra for Juliet at Tartan Kiwi; bee blocks; Hexie Down Under; lunch with Linda; Criminal Minds Swap; working on my "Circle Game" quilt; on the 15th of August I met & subsequently adopted Amity from the RSPCA in Bendigo; I received my the Animal in You swap parcel; more circle game blocks; bee blocks and a coin purse made of hexies for the Kaffe Mini Quilt Swap.

I finally completed a set of 4 cushions which  I was making for Cassie; Embroidered wall hanging I made for Cassie and other gifts; completed the sashing for my "Circle Game" quilt; photo shoot of my "Millefiori Mystery Quilt" in Maldon; embroidery; I received my Paris Swap parcel; completed "Vintage Kitchen" wall hanging BOM - pattern by Jenny of Elefantz; more hexies; Fat Quarter Shop EPP sew along; Criminal Minds Swap; Tulips in Bendigo; pattern testing mini geo cat for Kristy at Quiet Play; Tic Tac Toe blocks for charity. 

I received my Kaffe Mini Quilt Swap parcel; the start of the "Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt" blocks; Zumbarons; Michele came to visit; bee blocks; hexies; Tea Time Swap; more Farmer's Wife blocks; Mini Geo Kitty turned into a quilt for Tracee; my QCA Bee #5 bee blocks sewn together at last; Sarah Fielke's "Honeycomb" quilt; my new M&M's PJS; I received my Criminal Minds swap parcel; Michele returned with more cakes from Zumbo Patisserie; Ballarat catch up at Cotton Factory; my nephew Luke introduced me to his girlfriend Kate; Criminal Minds swap; more Farmer's Wife blocks.

Louisa came to visit; pressie from Norma; Helen came to visit; Pet Craft Swap; lap quilt in the making for Norma; started working on my Cotton & Steel "African Wildlife" quilt; hand quilting; bee block received; minion in the making; a cushion I was gifted; leopard; day trip to the Melbourne Star observation wheel; hexies; working on the borders for my "Circle Game" quilt; the "Big Stash" box from Two Blue Birdies; bee block received; 4 year anniversary of living in Bendigo; elephants.

More Farmer's Wife blocks; leopards; rhino; water buffalo; more Farmer's Wife blocks; Minion pin cushion for the Despicable Me swap; Lion cub; more Farmer's Wife blocks; Warthog; Kaffe Fassett Bruce for Michele; my "Circle Game" Quilt; mini sewing room renovation; finishing up an angel parcel for the Criminal Minds swap (all will be revealed in January); I finally completed my "Hearts and Happy Flowers" bag by Leanne's House; working on my hexies quilt; some secret squirrel hexies for Hexie Down Under 2; "Woodland Critters" quilt; Norma's "Kaffetivating Kaffetastic Circle Game" lap quilt.

2015 ended up being the year of the swap!  All up I participated in 22 swaps.  I haven't had a chance to blog about all of them yet so that is one of my short term goals, to catch up on my blogging & to share more of my crafty creations with you.

I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store...

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