Tuesday 3 February 2015

Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap (Round 3)

I recently participated in the "Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap" (round 3) which was hosted by Schnitzel & Boo.  As there were over 950 participants this year, we were divided into groups and I was in Nicole Young's group (@lillyellasworld).
This was a worldwide swap for people of all skill levels and our partners were kept secret (we did not know who was making for us - at least we wouldn't know until our parcel arrived - and the person who sends to us may not be the same person we are sending to).  The deadline for international shipping was 16 January or 23 January for domestic shipping.
All photos on Instagram were posted with the hashtags #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap  & #makeaquiltmakeafriend and #mofanicole (for Nicole's group)  There are some amazing photos in these feeds so please check them out when you have time to do so. 
When we registered for the swap we were required to complete a questionnaire about ourselves answering questions about our likes and dislikes and we were encouraged to post an inspiration mosaic board on Instagram to assist our swap buddy.
My swap partner was Fiona Tchan @fionamadeit who lives in New South Wales.  I was told that Fiona likes modern quilts, low volume fabrics and rainbow minis.  Her favourite colours are blue & green and yellow & grey.  There were a few other snippets of information a bit more personal in nature which I will not share on here.  We are encouraged to include a few extras in our parcels and one of the things that Fiona requested was sewing notions.

This is Fiona's inspiration mosaic
I noticed that most of the quilts that Fiona liked featured flying geese; so I decided to go with the rainbow theme and feature flying geese.  I chose to make "Right Round"  - a pattern by Janice Zellar Ryan of Better off Thread.  It is part Dresden, part New York Beauty and all geese (foundation paper pieced).  The quilt measured approximately 22" squared.

Choosing threads to applique the centre circle and to quilt with

Pin basting in preparation for quilting

Quilting time.  I stitched the ditch around all of the geese and sewed a circle echo around the background of the main circle

About to bury the threads

Completed - yet to be blocked.

The quilt label - printed on the computer.

Me holding the finished quilt.  We were asked to post a finished picture on Instagram so that our swap mamas could tick us off the list.
 Fiona's parcel of awesomeness:

This is the parcel of goodies that I sent to Fiona

A home made card featuring some Aunty Cookie fabric

a Quiltworx Quilt Dot badge in her favourite colours (not the best photo)

Sewing notions - a strawberry pin cushion and some Wonder Clips

Some Washi tape

A Key Fob in her favourite colours & a "Fiona" key chain

the back of the "Fiona" key chain

Some Lindt chocolate

And I made Fiona a Bruce crafty carrier in her favourite colours. 
One of the joys of participating in a quilt swap is the fun of stalking your partner and trying to personalise the gifts that you make for them to their style and taste.  Sometimes this can be challenging but I really enjoyed making these for Fiona.  It was an anxious wait once I had posted the parcel to see if and when it arrived, but it did, and she posted these:   

I have to admit I had a little giggle when I read her post.  I can imagine the mix up as we both have the same name - silly Mr Postman.
Since typing up this post my own Schnitzel & Boo parcel of awesomeness has arrived YAYNESS!!!  I will post about this separately.

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  1. What a great swap!! You are a great swap partner. 💚💚💚 I loved being a part of it!


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