Tuesday 3 November 2015

The Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt - Week 4

Week Four kicked off on the 19th of October and this week they released three blocks to sew:

Block 78 - Old Maid
Sadly the colours did not photograph very well on this block.

The letter attached to this block "East, West, Home's Best" hit a nerve with me.  The writer - Miss Homemaker - mentions how "after her mother died she had to give up her position as an interior decorator in the city and come back to the farm to keep house for her father and brothers" and she mentions that "she did not come willingly".  It's been 5-years since I was forced to sell my business and give up my career in the travel industry due to my chronic health; and it is nearly 4-years since I begrudgingly moved to Bendigo from my home in the Dandenong Ranges.  It has been very challenging to lose my corporate identity and my independence - financially and physically - and to adapt to a life which is mostly housebound - away from my support network and friends.  However as Miss Homemaker said "my resentment gradually left me" and I have tried to focus more on the positives. I've been sewing now for approximately 3-years and it has brought much joy back into my life and helped me to connect with so many wonderful, crafty & talented people. 
Block 49 - Katherine
Sometimes life takes us "From Ironclad Shoes to Roses" - sometimes we wish and long for things we don't have - the reality is - we don't always get what we want - often we have to sacrifice much.  Along the bumpy journey we are molded and shaped -  "Sometimes the way was so thorny we needed ironclad shoes, then again there were roses".  Every day brings it's own unique challenges, but each day also brings happiness - some days we just have to look a little harder to find it.  

Block 94 - Susannah

"Earn Before Spending" - there are so many people out there burying themselves in debt and/or living purely from paycheck to paycheck.  In this modern age it is all about "Keeping up with the Jones'" - always buying the newest and latest and hippest of everything, charging to credit cards, borrowing money...it's an endless cycle of debt.  Earn before spending is a good message we all should heed. 

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