Thursday 1 October 2015

Junior Hexies Down Under

Are you under 15 and have been watching the letterbox just waiting for some mail but it is always hexagons!!! Ever think, I could do that if only mum or dad would give me a tiny bit of help??  Well here is your chance, #hexiedownunder introduces #juniorhexiesdownunder, the swap just for under 15s. 
This is a simple swap and all children will be sewing three hexagons together in a triangle formation.  Parents can help to baste the hexies and to support their child to sew the hexies together but the children need to do most of the work, this is to encourage the child to sew and take ownership of their swap items. There is no need for a centre but one of the hexagons will need to have space for the name of the child who has sewn it.  

Hexies can be glue or thread basted depending on child and parent preference.  

Children will be sorted into groups according to age and will have 5 children in their group including themselves.  This means that they will make 12 hexagons made into 4 triangles, and they will also make one for themselves (meaning that in the end they end up with 15 hexies, sewn into five triangles).  All children must include a postcard of the town they are from and a quick message – written by them or their parent (let’s make this fun for children and bring back the joy of snail mail and pen pals!!)

This is an example of a hexie triangle
  • This swap is open to Australian children under the age of 15 with an Australian postal address only. Sorry, no international members.
  • Mum or Dad MUST have a public Instagram account.
  • Members are required to create and mail one hexie triangle to each child on their list. 
  • Children can be helped to baste their hexies but they should sew the hexies together on their own for the most part – this is to encourage children to sew and take ownership of their swap items. 
  • Members are to use a good quality quilting cotton. Please do not use any other type/s of fabrics 
  • You are required to write the child's name and where they are from on one of the hexies with a permanent fabric marker.  
  • Please leave the papers/cardboard in so that the recipient can join them together easily. 
  • Post a photograph of your finished hexie triangles on Instagram tagging the recipient's parent together with the hashtag #JuniorHexiesDownUnder prior to mailing them off.
  • All children MUST include a postcard of the town they are from and a quick message - written by them or their parent.
  • YOU ARE ***NOT*** REQUIRED TO SEND ANY OTHER EXTRAS!!! Yes you read that correctly, you are not required to send anything other than the hexie triangle & a postcard per person to the members on your list.  If you use a C5 sized envelope (162 x 229 mm) it will only cost $1.40 to post within Australia.
Once the sign up data has been collated, you will be emailed a spreadsheet containing the details of the other children in your child's group.  You can work through this list at your own pace and mail them off as you go, however, we do request that you complete your list before 31 December 2015.   

Please direct any enquiries to:

Junior Hexies Down Under is completely the brain child of Mhairi Alcorn.  
Please direct all enquiries to Mhairi, as I am just her I.T. Department ;0)

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