Thursday 22 October 2015

Craft Alive Bendigo

I discovered this blog post partially written and unpublished, so I thought that I would finish it off and publish it.

 Craft Alive

Back in June I attended Craft Alive here in Bendigo.  Craft Alive is Regional Australia's leading craft and sales expo and is held over 3-days.  The three day craft show has craft of all ranges and craft for all ages. Exhibitors have everything from supplies to finished goods, covering a wide range of craft. Each show has 60-100 exhibitors, workshops, make and takes, demonstrations, a full cafĂ©, and the local guilds and groups.  The Bendigo show also features STITCH! which is a two day niche craft show which is focused on all things needlecraft. In addition to the main show, STITCH! has 20-25 needlecraft experts covering patchwork, quilting, embroidery, wool work, and more. Exhibitors will have everything from supplies, to kits, to finished goods. Each site runs interactive learning opportunities including workshops, make and takes, and demonstrations.

As I don't handle crowds very well, I usually try to go on the Friday when I know that attendee numbers are fewer than those on the weekend. This year I went with Mum and a friend of hers from the retirement village.  Once there I met up with my friend - Linda from Echuca - and we walked around the stalls together. I managed a few hours before having to return home.

Although we arrived right on opening time, there was already a queue to get in.
THIS is why I like to go on a Friday, there is space to move and I can actually TALK to the stall holders without constant interruptions or having to elbow my way through the crowds.
This year it was housed in a larger pavilion
I headed straight to the Brindabella stand as I had recently purchased one of their quilting frames and I needed help.
One of my highlights was catching up with my sewing idol Rosalie Quinlan/Dekker and her sister-in-law Erica who is the proprietor of Under the Mulberry Tree.  I love these girls!
And I finally met up with my Instagram friend Julie @narioka  
Mischief in the making - a photo of me with Linda.
Linda knows EVERYONE (or so it seems)
Beautiful vintage sewing machine
Some more vintage sewing machines
Ooooh lots and lots and lots of notions!!!
Too many wonderful goodies to purchase
My goodies from Craft Alive.

I bought a Rosalie Quinlan embroidery pattern "Happiness"; embroidery needles, Sewline ceramic lead refills; Cosmo floss; some Kaffe Fassett fat quarters; two other fat quarters for one of my quilting bees; a specialty ruler for my Brindabella quilting frame; quilting pins (for the quilting frame) and a new stencil.

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