Tuesday 9 June 2015

My Aussie Hoop Swap "Parcel of Awesomeness" Arrived.

On Saturday I posted about the Aussie Hoop Swap and showed you the parcel that I sent to my swap buddy - Kristy Monaghan.  Today it gives me great pleasure to share with you the AMAZING parcel of awesomeness that I received from the super generous Faye Peresipkin @mysewbusylife from New South Wales.
Firstly these are the inspiration mosaics that I posted for this swap:

Dear Partner, if you decide to make something for my kitchen, could you please use red / white / black / grey or orange tones.  I have 1970's orange benches and white cabinets but I have red & white as the main colour scheme.

Of course I had to add some options for my sewing room.  The secret squirrels reside in the sewing room.  The first picture describes my personality to a T - I might now be mostly housebound, but I haven't lost my spirit of adventure & I love old buttons & the movie "Up".
But before I show you what was IN the parcel, these are the teasers that Faye had posted on Instagram:
When the postie delivered the parcel, Gemma the cat decided to join me as I opened everything:
Aren't they beautifully wrapped!   I am just waiting for my Security Inspectpurrrrr to finish her "Cat Scan" before I have purrrmission to open them.
Brown paper packages tied up with string (& a lion sticker), these are a few of my favourite things!
Gemma likes coffee because she knows that when Mummy drinks coffee she gets to sit on Mummy's lap.
Gemma says hello to the Super squirrel hoop whilst I weep tears of joy!
This is the entire parcel of awesomeness that I received from Faye who completely spoilt me rotten!!!!  In addition to not one but TWO awesome hoops, Faye also gave me some quilting pins; Tim Tams; Robert Timms coffee bags; a cute wooden pen (I thought it was a kangaroo but it is actually a squirrel); a kitty notebook; and yes they are sitting on a fat quarter of Cotton & Steel "Tokyo Train Ride". 

A close up of the beautiful hoop which is now proudly hanging in my kitchen. 
I absolutely LOVE THIS!!!!!
Faye told me that this handsome fellow was machine embroidered.  I was totally blown away when I saw it as everything about it is pure perfection!  This is now hanging up in my sewing room where my secret sewing squirrels reside.  And yes I honestly did weep when I saw this!

More photographs from this swap can be viewed on Instagram under the hashtag #AussieHoopSwap

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