Thursday 18 September 2014

Pattern Testing

I recently answered a call for help from the lovely Juliet at The Tartan Kiwi who needed some pattern testers to help test some of her new patterns.  Well you know how much I enjoy paper piecing so of course I put my hand up.
Juliet had recently released her "Big Bear" pattern and had designed some "Bear Paws" to accompany it as a border component.  The design features two paws, an angled one and a straight one. 
I went through my fabric stash and dug out a lion print and a cat print that I had been hoarding.  My idea was to maybe one day make a rather schmancy cushion for my gorgeous cat Gemma.  I found some coordinating solids and set to work making a test block.
Here is my finished Angled Paw Block

Here is my finished Straight Paw Block.

I found the pattern very easy to make.  As it is only 6.5" it uses many smaller pieces & I was able to make good use of most of my offcuts so I had very little fabric waste.

Now to decide which fabric I will pair them up with...

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