Quilt Swaps

Quilt Swaps
Hello, my name is Fiona and I am a Swapaholic!

Here are the mosaics and some additional information for each of the swaps that I am participating in for my wonderful swap partners.  I hope that I have covered options for all skill levels and various quilting/crafting methods.  If you happen to be one of my swap partners and you are feeling overwhelmed or confused about what to make, please talk to your Swap Mama who will help you and if required will contact me on your behalf to discuss options.

Current Swaps: (In Due Date Order)

Kaffe Mini Quilt Swap
Due Date: 01 October 2015
I have created a Pinterest board for this swap

Criminal Minds Swap
Due Date: 14 October 2015

I have uploaded some of my favourite photos of Matthew Gray Gubler to a separate page in case my swap partner would like to download any to use.  Please click here.

Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) is enough to turn me into a cougar (hey, he's only 8-years younger than me)!!!  Those two photos on the left make my heart skip a beat or two.  
Some ideas for a mini quilt, mug rug, hoop art or anything else you wish to make really.  Spencer Reid's FBI Badge.
Thinking outside the square, I am rather fond of Spencer' Reid's satchel bag and I don't have one.  So here are some ideas for a simple Satchel or Messenger Bag.  I am not a girlie girl and nor do I change handbags to suit every outfit.  I tend to just use the same one every day and for all occasions.  I like neutrals which are timeless and will go with everything, so please stick to a plain and neutral coloured fabric. I carry a lot of "stuff" (including my iPhone) so lots of handy pockets or compartments would be handy.
This was something that I saw for sale on eBay and I thought "what a great idea to have a Spencer Reid "Pash Pillow".  Mmmmm he would, I mean IT WOULD look great on my bed!  My bedroom has brown wooden furniture and the colours are lime green and grey with white.
Tea Time Swap
Due Date: 01 November 2015
@jennyofelefantz has some beautiful embroidery patterns that I like.  My kitchen colours are red & white so any red work will look fantastic.  As I often use my kitchen bench as a cutting table, a tea cup pin cushion in red & white would look lovely in my kitchen. 
I don't drink regular tea but I do drink Peppermint Tea, Spearmint Tea, and Ginger Tea (I forgot to list Ginger on my form).  I also don't mind Chamomile Tea or any Sleepytime Herbal blends.
Pet Craft Swap
Due Date: 09 November 2015
This is my Gemma.  The centre photo is one of my favourite photos of her - she is wearing a dresden circle around her neck which Sarah Fielke made.  Gemma is a long hair black & white cat aged 15-years,  She lives with me, the lions, Greeny the Bilby & the secret sewing squirrels.  Her favourite lion is Kuti and she often grooms him (bottom right photo).  She is my nurse, my carer, best friend, my purr baby and my child.  I would love a wall hanging or mini quilt or hoop art in her image.
Here are some of Gemma's favourite treats.  She LOVES fish.  I usually feed her Whiskas but she gets schmancy treats like Dine & others on special occasions or when I am feeling generous.  She LOVES Greenies Dental Treats.  We can only get 2 flavours in Australia - the orange & the green packet (pictured).  A friend from America once sent the pinky/salmon coloured packet & she LOVED THEM!  Another friend has recently sent the green packet which is Catnip flavoured.  She goes mental over these so if you are in the USA could we please request the catnip (green packet) or the salmony/pink packet?  Gemma does not like red meat.  As she is an older lady, please do not send any kitty toys as she no longer has the stamina to play with them.  She spends most of her days lying in the sun, or sleeping in front of the window in the sewing room or holding me hostage on the couch.

Despicable Me Swap
Due Date: 25 January 2016

Embroidery & Quilt Mini Swap
Due Date: 01 March 2016
"Vintage Sewing Collage" by Gail Pan Designs

Rosalie Quinlan/Dekker's embroidered hexie quilt "Best Friends Forever".

"Down in the Garden" BOM - Leanne's House

2016 Pouch Swap
Due Date: 04 March 2016
Goody Goody Binding Kit.  I love those colours.  I also like Bonnie & Camille, Pam Kitty, Lori Holt, anything along this line for this pattern would be great.

Here are some other options for you.  I like selvages; I also like linen paired with pretty fabrics and/or linen with hexies.  The last photo is the English Paper Piecing Travel Kit.

About Me

Anyone who looks through my Instagram feed will soon notice that I love Nutella, Peppermint Freddos, and Cadbury Dairy Milk Peppermint Chocolate. 

I'm not a tea drinker, I prefer coffee, but I do drink a lot of peppermint tea in the evenings.  If sending any food items please ensure that it is GLUTEN FREE (the brands listed above are safe to send).

I have a cat named Amity and she eats anything.

My favourite colour combinations are lime green with teal, although I love all bright happy colours.  My kitchen is a red & white colour scheme (with hideous 1970s orange laminate benches).  My bedroom is grey, white & lime with wooden furniture.  Most of my lounge & dining rooms have a lot of wooden furniture with splashes of lime green and orange.  My bathroom has the same horrible orange laminate benches as my kitchen but I have green accessories in it to freshen it up.

I am a big fan of: Sarah Fielke, Rosalie Quinlan, Emma Jean Jansen, Leanne's House, Cotton & Steel, Bonnie & Camille, Pat Sloan, Pam Kitty, Lori Holt, Tilda (2015 range), Kaffe Fassett, Indelible, Annali (by Dashwood Studios), text fabrics, & bright happy colours.  I also like solids.

I am a foundation paper piecing addict.  I also enjoy applique, embroidery, cross stitch, English Paper Piecing (EPP) and hand quilting. Any threads or associated sewing notions will always be gratefully welcomed.  I have bought a quilting frame and am trying to learn how to FMQ (free motion quilt).

If there is anything that I haven't covered, please contact your Swap Mama and she will contact me on your behalf.

Thank you.


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Past Swaps (2015):

Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap and IG Mini Oz Swap
These are some paper piecing options
Some various other designs that I like
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this colour pallet and I have a bit of a crush on those hedgehogs. 

UPDATE - if you haven't already started, please do not make the hedgehogs - if you have started already that is perfectly fine. 26Jan15

Whimsical Woodland Mug Rug Swap

I chose squirrel as my woodland animal. Whatever you choose to make will be hung up on the wall in my sewing room as all my secret squirrels reside in the sewing room.

Downton Swap

My favourite UPSTAIRS character was Lady Sybil.  I loved her natural beauty, sweet nature and her rebelliousness.  She saw the beauty in everything and was not up herself.  She also had great taste in men!!  I cried bucket loads when her character was killed off.
Oh we all like to dress up and enjoy high tea.  Years ago when I was travelling in the UK I enjoyed a schmancy high tea at "One Devonshire Gardens" in Glasgow and have also enjoyed high tea at a number of safari lodges throughout Africa & at hotels throughout Asia (I used to travel extensively for work).  I am not a tea drinker, I prefer coffee, but I do enjoy peppermint tea at night.  With regards to cakes & biscuits I have to stick with gluten free.
My favourite DOWNSTAIRS characters are Daisy & Mrs Patmore.  I love watching their kitchen antics and learning about how things were made back in those days.  Yes I do love to cook.  My own kitchen is red & white with 1970's era orange laminate bench tops. My goal this year is to schmancy it up a bit by adding some quilty goodness so your mug rug will probably end up being hung up on the kitchen wall or in my sewing room (depending on what colours you choose to use).
Aussie Hoop Swap
Dear Partner, if you decide to make something for my kitchen, could you please use red / white / black / grey or orange tones.  I have 1970's orange benches and white cabinets but I have red & white as the main colour scheme. 
Of course I had to add some options for my sewing room.  The secret squirrels reside in the sewing room.  The first picture describes my personality to a T - I might now be mostly housebound, but I haven't lost my spirit of adventure & I love old buttons & the movie "Up".
Kitty Mini Quilt Swap
My only specification being that *IF* my swap buddy chooses a design which features only a single cat, could you please make the cat a black & white cat like my Gemma?  Gemma will be 15-years old in January so she is a little old now for kitty toys, however she does like Greenies and she also likes fish.

The photo bottom right is one of my favourite photos of Gemma - she is now 15 years old and she is wearing a Dresden circle.  She totally rocked it and refused to take it off for ages!

Rainbow Mini Quilt Swap

I *LOVE* the kitties and the appliqued splashes bottom left hand corner.
Some paper piecing options
A few simpler options.  Yes I do love those kitties and I have seen some amazing design options made with hexies.

Aussie Tula Pink Mini Quilt Swap

Tula Inspiration Mosaic 1 of 3.  I love English paper Piecing so here are some EPP options featuring Tula.  I tend to lean more towards the green & teal colours but I also like her raspberry tones.
Tula Inspiration Mosaic 2 of 3 - I really do love those squirrels but I didn't know that they are out of print so please do not rush out and spend a fortune to hunt them down just for me.  I think Tula blends well for small fussy cut projects so here's another nice hexi design.
Tula Inspiration Mosaic 3 of 3 - another version of those squirrels.  The other 3 photos are Sharon Burgess' work @lilabellelane - check out her Instagram feed #lilabellelanelapassacaglia.  She is making a large Tula La Passacaglia quilt out of Tula and her fussy cutting is amazing.  I love that she has done with her rosettes.
Cotton & Steel Mini Quilt Swap
Due Date: 26 June 2015

These are my favourite Cotton & Steel colours.  The print on the left is from the "August" range.  It intrigues me.  I love "August" and have just finished making a quilt with this range but I haven't used this print.  If you have it I would love something featuring this with coordinating basics, but please do not rush out & buy it if it is not in your stash.  I love the blues & teals, but I also love the greens, the corals and the mustard yellow.
These are some designs that I could imagine done with Cotton & Steel fabrics.  The top left hand corner photo was made by @quiltingismyyoga using a Jaybird ruler
Here are some more designs that would feature the Cotton & Steel well and would possibly be easier to make.  The spools bottom right hand corner were all odd shapes which appealed to me,  I could picture this made with the basics range.  The other 3 you could really have some fun with.  The bottom left is the "Cherrio" pattern by Thimble Blossoms.
These are some existing Cotton & Steel quilts that I found via Google and/or Pinterest showing how the fabrics have been used by others.
The Selfish Swap
Due Date: 30 June 2015
Dear Selfish Swap Partner, I want you to decorate my kitchen with Farm Girl Vintage gorgeousness!  I would like some lovely pot holders & minis & schmancy things to finish off my kitchen.  I really really love Lori Holt's new book "Farm Girl Vintage" so anything from this would be ace but please can I have a kettle mini to go with my coffee mugs?  Any of Lori's fabric ranges or Pam Kitty will look ace.
The Animal In You Swap
Due Date: 01 July 2015

My three chosen animals are: Lion, Cat & Squirrel.

The top Lioness is the image that I have on my blog - she is the gentle sleeping lioness that I am at heart (I have ME/CFS so when I don't have insomnia, I sleep a lot!!).  I have also shown a few squirrel and cat options.  There are more cat options further above as I am also in the Kitten Mini Quilt Swap.  I am rather fond of the selvage squirrel & selvage cat.  I have been saving up selvages and would like to try this method myself one day. The cat bottom left is my Gemma wearing a Dresden Circle around her neck.  She is my purr baby and I love her so much!!

Just the Extras Swap
Due Date: 10 August 2015

DMC & Cosmo Embroidery Floss; Perle 8; Cottage Garden Threads; Washi Tape; Coloured Zips; Interestig Buttons; Peppermint Freddos; Cadbury Peppermint
Paris Swap
Due Date: 31 August 2015
I love macarons! Yep, they are delightful, gluten-free, yummy, wonderful treats!!! I'm no good at baking them but I sure do love to eat them!  Here are some macaron themed items.  I have only ever seen photos of the macaron zippy pouches.  One of my friends received one once in a swap and she said that they are such handy little bags.  I also love embroidery so embroidered wall hangings, mini quilts, hoop art, anything really would be welcome.
Here are some typical Parisian scenes which I like.  I LOVE cats and the two options of the cat's silhouettes looking at the Eiffel Tower are so me.  I don't mind if something is made in mono, or mono with a splash of colour.  My kitchen is red and white so mono with a small splash of red would look lovely hung in my kitchen.  I'll re post the top right photo so that you can see the detail clearer (see below).  The bottom left - I love the bright scrappy look with the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower.  It is simple but effective.  I love applique.

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