Tuesday 25 October 2016

Bendigo Agricultural Show - 2016

There's been so much happening behind the scenes here lately that I have barely had time to keep my blog updated, but there is something rather special that I would like to share with you.

Last Friday & Saturday was the "Bendigo Agricultural Show".  I had never been before but my sister-in-law is a regular patron and this year she talked me into entering some of my quilts into the needlework section of the show.  I have never entered any quilt shows before so I kept it very hush hush in case nothing happened.  When I told my BFF Michele, she insisted on coming up and she drove up from Melbourne the day before.  

I chose to enter "The Circle Game Quilt" & "Savanna Safari" both in the "Patchwork Novice Section" since this was my first ever show.  This section is only open to those who have never won a prize at any show before.

We had planned to go to the show on the Friday morning before the crowds got too bad (I hate crowds).  The alarm went off at 6am & as I lay in bed contemplating moving, my local radio station - 3BO - announced that they had three sets of double tickets on offer.  I have never entered a radio competition before but I rang up at the designated time and I won us a double pass!  Cogho & Ez even interviewed me on the radio *embarrassing*

When we were ready to leave, our first stop was at the Southern Cross Australia studios in Bendigo to collect our tickets and then off to the showgrounds we went. My parents & sister-in-law were instructed NOT to phone me if they found out before I did how my quilts went...

Southern Cross Australia - where we collected our free tickets to the Bendigo Show.  Thank you Cogho & Ez & 3BO!

Erin (Ez) from "Cogho & Ez" (3BO) won a prize for her Lamingtons.
When we arrived at the Home Crafts Pavilion, we looked at all the displays in order.  Michele got to the quilting section ahead of me & I called out, "Don't tell me, let me find out for myself!" When she turned around to face me I saw the tears in her eyes and I knew that I had won something.  OH MY GOODNESS, I went into a state of shock!  Not only did BOTH of my entries win FIRST PRIZE in their categories, but "Savanna Safari" also won "Best Exhibit" in the Patchwork - Novice category AND the Society's Sash for "Article of Excellence - Needlework" - the TOP award for the entire needlework section (except for the hand sewn needlework)!
Savanna Safari's Awards
Savanna Safari on display
Yes I was crying!  Me in front of The Circle Game & Savanna Safari
The Circle Game Quilt & Savanna Safari
The Circle Game won C66 - FIRST PRIZE for "Quilt - non commercially quilted - Patchwork Novice"
Savanna Safari won C65 - FIRST PRIZE for "Quilt - commercially quilted - Patchwork Novice" (this quilt was professionally quilted by Linda at Ladybug Quilting in Bendigo).  This quilt also won The Society's BLUE RIBBON, & $20 voucher sponsored by Canterbury Quilts in Eaglehawk for BEST EXHIBIT in the Patchwork Novice section and The Society's purple SASH & $25 voucher from the Kangaroo Flat Sports Club for the "ARTICLE OF EXCELLENCE - NEEDLEWORK".  There are only 3 sashes awarded in the entire Needlework category and this is the only one that quilts are eligible for.  I don't know how many times a novice has taken out the top award.
Savanna Safari's awards.  It was very difficult to photograph as everything was displayed behind glass.
This is the winner in the Patchwork Open section and it also won The Society's Rosette (it came second place overall in the entire needlework section).  Quilt made by Shona Barton.
This was another quilt made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics that I liked.  It won a second prize in the open section.  Quilt by Donna English.
Winning entry in the Bra Competition
C62 - Applique Patchwork
C62 - Applique Patchwork
BC - Junior Decorated Sheep - this one caught my fancy & also won the Society's Rosette for the Best Exhibit Decorated Sheep
my post winning show treat - Nutella mini cinnamon donuts
Ewan from 3BO was broadcasting live from the show in "Van Diesel". I wanted to go up and thank them but not whilst he was on air.
some of the rides
showbags, games, rides...
some of the showbags
Michele bought a Kewpie Doll - why anyone would want a doll with a stick up it's butt??????

My sister-in-law was showing some of her chickens this year as well.  She had only brought a few of them in on the Friday and the rest didn't arrive until Saturday morning (judging was Saturday afternoon) so these are the ones that we got to see:

Derbyshire Redcap - male
Derbyshire Redcap - female
Derbyshire Redcap - male
Orpington - male
Breeding pair - Derbyshire Redcap - male
Breeding pair - Derbyshire Redcap - female
Breeding pair - Derbyshire Redcap - male
These are all the prizes that my sister-in-law's chickens won.
These are my awards for my two quilts.
I also won a $20 voucher to use at Canterbury Quilts in Eaglehawk and a $25 gift voucher to use at the Kangaroo Flat Sports Club (in the bar or bistro - I'm planning on taking Mum & Dad for lunch one day) and $6.00 in cash prizes.
My showbags.  The Cherry Ripe showbag is for my friend Pam.  Michele gave me the Bertie Beetle bag..


  1. How exciting!!!
    And so very well deserved!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  2. so wonderful Fiona - congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉 so exciting to win a prize when you first enter but how thrilling to win best exhibit too !! love that you received $6 cash - country shows are so cool !!

    1. That reminds me, I should put that coin in my money box. 😂😂😂

  3. Congratulations! Not bad for a first timer 😀

  4. My belated congrats on the blog. Already jumped up and down on your IG page! Woohoo!


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