Thursday 26 November 2015

Ballarat Bilby Reunion

On Saturday 24 October I was invited to an "IG Meet Up" aka a Bilby Reunion at Cotton Factory - my home away from home in Ballarat.  My hexie partner in crime @IsabellaGolightly26 had flown down from Sydney and was one of the "hostesses with the mostesses" together with @AnneBoundy.

My dear friend & sister @Micheles_kitchen drove up from Melbourne on the Friday and stayed for a few days with me in Bendigo - we drove down to Ballarat together on Saturday with our bilbies - Mr Greeny and Miss Penelope. 

The meet up was also to be the long awaited launch of Isabella's prized Bilby Pattern. Limited patterns were available for purchase on the day however they can also be purchased on Etsy (details below).

The lovely lady in lavender is Alison's mum
Simone, Sharon & Isabella
Just call me "Duck face" quack quack - Isabella & I caught in the act discussing the flakers from "Hexie Down Under" round 1 - trying to organise angel hexies.
It was a good opportunity for Isabella & I to catch up and discuss what to do with the flakers from "Hexie Down Under" round 1
We don't like flakers!! Grrrrr
This is a more realistic photo of the two of us!! 
Alison & Isabella drawing the door prizes.  Yes some lucky bilby won a door ;0P
And the winner is.... "where are my glasses?"
Fiona, Mr Greeny, Michele & Miss Penelope
What does your badge say Isabella? "Full of Scrap"
And even the bilbies had fun!

Miss Snow Minty; Red Spot Special; Gidget; Forest; Moonshine (the little bilby); Miss Penelope; Mr Greeny & Dandy Boy - Mr Dandy Pants
Red Spot Special; Gidget, Miss Snow Minty, Forest, Miss Penelope, Mr Greeny, Mr Dandy Pants.  Moonshine in front (the little bilby).
"Awwww behold the sacred hole"
What is it about the hole in the table that the bilbies love??

Bilby Pattern Release:

The Bilby Pattern can be purchased as a PDF download.  You can also purchase kits and bilby eyes.

Much merriment was had by all and we also raised $35 in gold coin donations for the "Save the Bilby Fund"

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  1. Awwww! Those bilbies are super cute! Looks like you all had a wonderful time meeting together. Thanks so much for sharing all the great pics!


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