Tuesday 7 April 2015

My Date With A Dinosaur!

Today I had a date with a dinosaur! Yep, I saw online that Bendigo Marketplace had hired a Baby T-Rex from the "Walking With Dinosaurs" fame to make some special guest appearances during school holidays for the children. 

I messaged the management to check if a 43-year old "child" would be permitted to have a photo taken with the dinosaur and they said yes. Although the competition was only for children under the age of 16, I could still meet "Fluffy" &have  my photo taken. Yes, "Fluffy" is the name of the Baby T-Rex!

Here are my photos:

These are the official photos taken by Bendigo Marketplace; however one of the staff members kindly took some using my iPhone:

Look at the smile on my face!!!
"who's a pwiddy dinosaur hey?" Fluffy enjoyed having his snout rubbed and he started to purr, then I gave him a tickle under the chin...

Well, you know how excited a dog or cat gets when you scratch them in that favourite spot of theirs? Fluffy was no different. He started to get a bit frisky & rubbed his head up against me (nearly knocking me off balance) and wiggled his tail excitedly. We all started to laugh! It must've been a nice break from all the kiddies poking him and screaming in fear.

I tried to get some full length photos of Fluffy without people's children in the photo, it wasn't easy to do as there was a big crowd and Fluffy was so large.

Seriously the "puppet" is so lifelike and yes there is a man inside the suit operating all of the animatronics. The suit is VERY heavy and very hot - the outer skin is a rubbery material - so the operator needed to take a break every 20-minutes. I had to wait in the queue for quite a while but I didn't mind. I made some new friends in the queue and helped to calm & encourage some timid kiddies. 

I cannot thank Bendigo Marketplace enough for allowing a Big Kid's dream to come true. I have always loved dinosaurs and to "meet" one up close was such a privilege! 

Fluffy is doing limited appearances until Wednesday 8 May 2015 between 1-4pm. Contact Bendigo Marketplace for further information.


  1. Love it! My four yr old is obsessed and went to walking with dinosaurs - was so excited to tell me that 'some had lived and weren't killed by the asteroid 65 million yrs ago'. You need to come here and play dinosaurs. I'm sick of all the 'attacking'

    1. When i was a little girl i wanted to be a palentologist & my brother even took me to the museum to see the dinosaur exhibition - one of my fondest memories with him. I saw "Walking With Dinosaurs" many years ago & loved it. I even "borrowed" my nephews years ago when they were little just so that I could go & see some kiddies dinosaur movie that was out at the time (can't remember what one it was now) LOL


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