Tuesday 1 November 2016

Eureka! Hop & Skip to Houston...

It's International Quilt Market time and Emma Jean Jansen has just released her newest fabric line Eureka which is inspired by the Victorian Goldfields and all things mining. The range features geometrics representing quartz crystals and a fabulous print with gold highlights showing the veins of riches. There is a fabulous mine shaft map print and a stripe which is inspired by the cores showing the different colours in the earth. A wagon wheel is a great circle contrast and of course Emma had to include a Southern Cross Star print which was a symbol of the Eureka rebellion. The range features navy, chartreuse, apricot, turquoise and grey and will inspire you to create!  Her fabric is distributed by Ella Blue Fabrics.

Emma's new fabric range - Eureka
It was a huge honour and a privilege to assist Emma with her Quilt Market preparations this year.  My contributions are only small, but they were heaps of fun to make and a huge accomplishment for me to have some of my work on display at International Quilt Market.

"Hop & Skip" is a pattern by Australian designer Melly & Me.  Hop (in navy) measures 12' tall and Skip (in apricot) is slightly smaller and measures 9.5" tall. You can click HERE to purchase a PDF download of the pattern.

Hop & Skip in my sewing studio

Hop & Skip enjoying some fresh air in my garden

It was a huge EUREKA! moment for me to make my Quilt Market Debut.  Emma very kindly sent me this photo of the 'roos at Quilt Market in Houston. 

Emma's booth at Quilt Market.
Can you see Hop & Skip sitting on the table on the left?

Another photo of Emma's booth at Quilt Market

Speaking of Quilt Market, I just have to share with you some of the other new collections from the Ella Blue girls:

Jodie Carleton's new line "Sewing School"
Jodie Carleton's new line "Sewing School"
Leanne Beasley's vibrant new collection "Hello Blossom"
Melanie McNeice (from Melly & Me)'s debut fabric range "Mini Fun Fair".
How adorable is that quilt on the left!!!
Rosalie Dekker's new fabric range "Mosaic Bloom"

I can't wait for some of these new fabric ranges & patterns to be released for sale in the coming months!!

Credit: Most photos courtesy of Emma Jean Jansen, Ella Blue Fabrics, Jodie Carleton & Leanne Beasley.


  1. Thanks for this review of Ella Blue fabrics. I've been a long time fan of Emma's patterns and fabric collections, and Eureka looks like another winner. Happily, a Florida shop-owner has return from market and sold me ( I too live in Florida) her sample spree Eureka bundle. It will be in my hands soon, and I'm dreaming about what to make with it.

    1. Oh you lucky ducky!! If you ever get stuck trying to buy it in the US, I know Fat Quarter Shop stocks a lot of the Ella Blue designers & I know of some shops here who will post overseas if required.

  2. Such cuties! They will travel the world I bet! The fabric is so lovely. Aren't you the sly one! Hope you didn't hurt them too bad with your stuffing stick!

    1. I promise i was very gentle with the stuffing stick!!! 😜

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