Tuesday 11 October 2016

The Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt - September

Here are my Farmer's Wife blocks for September 2016:

06 September - Block 3 - Alice
13 September - Block 17 - Bride
20 September - Block 19 - Carolina
27 September - Block 87 - Prudence
Prudence did not play nicely, I'm not sure if I will attempt to remake this block or ditch it entirely.  Not my best work.

There are still 25 blocks to go - at one block per week - that's 25 more weeks.... Hmmmmmm, I am undecided whether I will continue with the pace of this sew along or just whip up the rest of the blocks and finish this quilt off.  Each time I debate this I think of all the other flimsies that I have waiting to be turned into quilts and say to myself - "just keep going for now"... we'll just wait & see.  

After pinning all of my blocks to an old blue bed sheet, I have decided to use a solid white to sash all of my blocks. You may have noticed over the last few months I have started to use the more bolder shades of blues & teals in my blocks.  I have used up all of my original lighter blues/teals shades & after selecting the colour of my sashing I have decided not to add any more of the lighter shades to the blocks - they would look too washed out.  I have enough of the lighter coloured blocks to scatter throughout the quilt top. 

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