Saturday 23 April 2016

The Cat's Pyjamas

It's not often that I totally squeal with delight when I see a new fabric range being released, but when Jodie Carleton posted a photo of her new fabric range - The Cat's Pyjamas - I was hysterically happy!!  I *KNEW* I had to buy this range and I *KNEW* that those green kitties would make a lovely pair of pyjamas for me.

"The Cat's Pyjamas" by Jodie Carleton for Ella Blue Fabrics.  

I have only been sewing for a few years and I have never made any items of clothing - this was going to be my big debut onto the fashion scene. Queue nerves! Although my mother is a dressmaker by trade, I was determined that I was going to make these myself so I bought a "Simplicity" pattern from Spotlight (I knew that Simplicity have a good reputation for easy to follow patterns).  

Simplicity 2116

My Mum insisted that I brought the pattern and the fabric over to her house (where she has more room) so that she could supervise me cutting it out and to make sure that I didn't stuff it up.  She also explained to me how to do "French Seams" because I wasn't willing to try to thread her overlocker (one of them has 4 needles, the other one has 6 and I have never sewn with an overlocker before).  Once the pattern was all cut out I took it home with me to sew together at my leisure.

It was much easier and quicker to sew together than I imagined.  I even made my own cord for the waistline out of a matching solid green fabric (forgot to buy elastic DOH!).

I purchased a cheap white t-shirt from Target (it was only AUD$4.00) to go with the pyjama pants.  I added some matching ribbon to the sleeves and fussy cut a pocket to sit above the left breast.

Drumroll please...

Close up of the pocket of the t-shirt
(and some shameless publicity for Cotton Factory Ballarat where I bought my fabric).
Close up of the top - the sleeves have matching ribbon sewn on the edges.
My new pyjamas
And this message from Jodie absolutely made my day!

I have more of this fabric range waiting to be played with.  Jodie has since released a free pattern which is now in my "To Do" pile to be made.  The following photograph is copyright & courtesy of Jodie Carleton.  Please click on the link below to access her FREE pattern.

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