Thursday 14 January 2016

My Kitten Mini Quilt Swap parcel of awesomeness

Further to Tuesday's post about the Kitten Mini Quilt Swap - here is the parcel of awesomeness that I received from my swap partner who funnily enough was Jeanette! @jeannettelgraham  Yes, unknown to both of us at the time, Marni had matched us both up together.  

When the parcel arrived, I went outside to open it with Gemma:

Lots and lots of pretty brown paper packages tied up with string
There was a special parcel with Gemma's name on it.
"Thank You Auntie Jeanette"
Inside were some yummies just for her!!!
The complete parcel of awsomeness
Biscuits & coffee for me and Whiskas for Gemma
This beautiful softie is actually a scissor holder & pin cushion
Tea Towel
A lovely mini quilt
A beautiful embroidered wall hanging which is now hanging in my kitchen/lounge room

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  1. I love the cat softie! What a cute item! The mini quilt and wall hanging are so sweet. What a fun package! 🐱


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