Saturday 1 November 2014

Meet the Elephant Patch - Ballarat

Our last visit in Ballarat was to a shop which I had been referred to by a stall holder at the latest Bendigo Design Market.
Welcome to The Elephant Patch.
The Elephant Patch is a beautifully set out boutique store which sells needlework supplies.  Owner Jo Maxwell is a pattern designer and  needleworker.  She has the full range of Cottage Garden Threads, Au Ver a Soie silk threads, Presencia / Finca perle threads and Appletons.  She has patterns for sale and also stocks some linens, cottons, and a small selection of  Liberty prints.  in addition to these supplies, there is  also a small range of already embroidered trinkets for purchase. 
The Elephant Patch offers 2-hour embroidery classes for visitors looking to create something special.  You can choose your favourite design and take a class to learn all that you need to complete your project.
The Elephant Patch
199 Victoria Street
Ballarat East, Victoria, 3350, Australia
 Opening Hours:
Wednesday: 10am - 9pm
Thursday: 10am - 5pm
Friday: 10am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 1pm
Class Hours:
Wednesday: 10am - 12noon
Wednesday: 1pm - 3pm
Wednesday: 7pm - 9pm
Thursday: 10am - 12noon
Thursday: 1pm - 3pm
Saturday: 10am - 12noon
My stash from the Elephant Patch - I purchased some Finca Perle 8's to hand quilt one of my quilts.  I will definitely go back to buy more!
I was rather impressed with the large variety of colours of Finca Perle 8 threads this store had.  Not to mention an ENTIRE WALL dedicated to Cottage Garden Threads at a VERY good price I might add!  I *WILL* be back!!!

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