Thursday 21 August 2014

Ursula Ulysses

After posting a photograph of my Butterfly Challenge block on Instagram, I was asked if I could make one for an IG friend. She offered to pay me but I seriously had no idea what would be a fair price to charge so instead we agreed that she would send me the fabric & I would make it for her gratis.

I had time this afternoon to sit down and devote to paper piecing a blue monach butterfly for my IG friend using @TartanKiwi 's pattern. Her new owner has named her "Ursula Ulysses":

Earlier this evening I sat down on the couch and opened the gift that was included with the parcel of fabric.

I was TOTALLY blown away by what was contained within! Seriously I was not expecting any form of payment.

Inside the parcel were some beautiful HST patterned cards from Ikea (these would look gorgeous framed & hung on a wall); 2 chocolate lions (they didn't last for long) 😉; some lollies; a peppermint Bubbly bar (YUM!!!); some wonder clips (for binding - I am yet to try these) & a Moda "LOL" candy mini charm pack (which is a stack of 42 2.5" squares). I'm not going to tell you what I discovered inside the card but yes it brought me to tears. 

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